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Goat FarmingInvest in Goat Farming

How much initial investment is needed and how much profit will i get?

Goat raising is highly profitable. With minimal initial capital investment of

  1. 20 heads of native doe’s 20×3000=    P60,000
  2. 1 F1 buck P8,000

P68,000 initial investment in livestock

Return of investment in 2 years

1st kidding   20x1x3000=                              P60,000

1st kidding   20x2x3000=                              P120,000

2nd kidding  20x2x3000=                              P120,000

3rd kidding   20x2x3000=                              P120,000

4th kidding   20x2x3000=                              P120,000

Return of investment in 2yrs(21heads)    P420,000

  1. (20 heads doe) (1buck) P420,000
  2. (40 heads doe) (2buck) P840,000
  3. (60 heads doe) (3buck) P1,260,000
  4. (80 heads doe) (4buck) P1,680,000

Note: Assumption in 1-4 is computed only (1 kid) of goat in the 1st kidding, but possibility of getting (2 kid) is higher than (2 kid)

Assumption in 1st kidding is only 1 per doe, but usually 5 out of 20 give a child of 1. and 2nd to fourth kidding assumption is 2 kids per doe, but sometimes 5 to 10 percent of our does gives us 3 kids per doe, depends on some bloodlines,  if your lucky then thats lots of extra income. Gudluck..

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Goat Raising, Goat Farming
Goat Raising, Goat Farming


How do i start my goat business?

To start a profitable goat business, one has to have the following production inputs

  1. For backyard operations
  2. Investment

Goat house

-Breeding stocks

B.Operating expense

-Veterinary medicines



-Additional feed supplements

  1. For Commercial or Large-scale production
  2. Fixed investment

Land, Goat house, Fences, Pasture area, Water pump, Feeding trough, Spade, Wheelbarrow, Ropes

  1. Stocks

Breeding does, Breeding bucks

  1. Operating Expenses

Veterinary medicines, drugs, and vaccines, Feed supplements, manpower labor, Repair and maintenance of goat house, fences, equipment, and pasture

Why invest in goats?

Goats are very popular because they require low initial capital investment, and multiply fast. Culturally, goats are integral to every special occasions such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings, and fiestas. And need  a lower price compared with other meats in the market like hogs and beef.

Goats require low maintenance because they eat tree leaves, weeds, grasses and agricultural feeds. They are not only a source of protein, but they also provide the much needed income. In fact, goats provide livelihood to about 45 million  across the asia today.

As goat production requires low initial investment and small risks compared to other livestock species, it is thus an attractive undertaking among  resource poor families.


The goat lives to a good age and will breed for up to 10 years. The goat also has good disease resistance but there are many things to watch out for. This section will pass on valuable information and disease advice 


The key to any goat farming enterprise is good pasture management and nutrition. There are very big differences in feeding and grazing behavior between goats, sheep and cattle. Many meat goat enterprises try to use the goat as an environmentally friendly weed killer, others as a supplementary animal to cattle and sheep, some a feed lot setup and others focus entirely on goat production.


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