Poultry Farm Tools and Equipments

  1. Feeding troughs


2. Drinkers

3. Incubator

4. Feed bins are used for feed storage.

5. Brooder usually refers to some type of heated enclosure for raising baby poultry, whether they are baby chicks, turkey poults, or goslings. Typically, a brooder includes a heat lamp, a source of food and water for the chicks and bedding such as pine shavings.

6. Hand tools used for some repair and maintenance. hand tools

7. Dropping board


8. Perches


9. Nest

10. Shovel, rake and spade for collecting of droppings and leveling the soil etc,. Mini-Hollow-Out-Design-Wood-Handle-Rake-Shovel-font-b-Digging-b-font-Trowel-font-b.jpg11. Wheel barrow for collecting of droppings, and feeds transport.

12. Grass Cutter agricultural-crop-production-ppt-presentation-124-638

13. Sprayer for disinfectant




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