Common Tools in Swine Production

  1. Farrowing Pen used to confine a sow, preventing her from lying on her piglets. Metal crates can be purchased new or used. Alternately, wooden crates can be constructed. img_2573.jpg
  2. Gestating pen also known as a sow stall, is a metal enclosure used in intensive pig farming, in which a female breeding pig (sow) may be kept during pregnancy and for most of her adult life

    3.  Watering System, Like all livestock, pigs need clean, fresh water 365 days a year. You can choose to hand water pigs several times per day or you can install one of several types of automatic waterers. The most common type is a nipple that dispenses water when the pig presses its snout to a movable spout.

    4. Feeding System. This entails the pans, troughs, feeders, or other mechanisms from which pigs eat.

    5. Scale is useful to know exactly how much feed pigs are being fed. Gestating sows, for example, are often limit-fed to help control body condition. A feed scale aids in measuring feed in pounds rather than scoops or buckets.

    6. Feed Storage Area. Feed should be stored in a clean, dry area protected from vermin. Mice and rats can consume quite a bit of valuable feed and contaminate even more. Feed should not be stored with chemicals, solvents, gasoline, or other materials that would be toxic to pigs.

    7. Heat lamp and bulbs. A supplemental source of heat is critical for baby pigs. Heat lamps can be strung along the sides of farrowing crates or in hovers where only the piglets have access. Raise or lower the heat lamp bulb until piglets lie under the light without lying on top of each other.

    8. Set of manual tools for repair and maintenance rsa-1808c-ck1368706959

    9. Syringes and needles. Disposable syringes (10 or 12 cc) are typical, but you may want to invest in a multiple dose syringe that holds 20 or 50 cc. Needle size depends on the size of the pig. Eighteen or 20 gauge x ¾” needles are good for baby pig injections while 16 gauge x 1” or 1 ½” would be a better choice for adult pigs. download

    10..Power washer removes manure and dirt from facilities.

    11. Medication storage area – Some medications and nearly all vaccines must be refrigerated or they quickly lose effectiveness. You’ll need access to a refrigerator for medication and vaccine storage.  92-055f1

13. Wheelbarrow – A handy tool for transferring feeds and manure from a pen to manure storage area or a feed storage area.

14.  Scoop shovel / pitchfork – These are handy items for cleaning pens and removing manure. mini-hollow-out-design-wood-handle-rake-shovel-font-b-digging-b-font-trowel-font-b


15. Boots and clothing – A set of clothing, especially boots, should be designated for your own facility. leadImage_galleryzoom.jpg

16.  Sprayer – If possible you should power wash and disinfect your facilities between groups of animal.


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