How to open Paypal account

How to open Paypal account

Paypal is a necessity not only for shopping online and transferring money to anyone around the world. This is also the major requirement to receive commissions, payment discount and salaries earned working online and doing freelance jobs anytime anywhere.

How to open Paypal account

Opening a Paypal account is so easy and it costs nothing co’z It’s free. All you have to do is follow the steps below and you are ready as a beginner and a newbie to receive and transfer money online.

1.Sign up for Paypal account. Here

2. Choose Philippines and select the account you wish to create (Personal, Premier and Merchant) Choose Premier

3. Fill out the information in the boxes given. Please type your details carefully and double check them before proceeding. Type your correct info that are used to your other billings and accounts too like electronic billing, credit card, passport, debit card etc) to avoid any problems in verification if you have typed incomplete and inconsistent info.

4. You can uncheck the details for your credit card or debit card and just link later when you log in to your Paypal profile

5. Tap Agree and Create account.

6. You’re done in creating your Paypal account. All you need to do next is to verify and link your Paypal account to your credit card or debit card account in the Philippines to receive or transfer money.

Verify your Paypal Account

Verifying Paypal account is so important especially for newbies and beginners because Paypal is one of the most secure way to pay and get paid online. At this point, your account has sending and withdrawing limits. To change this status, you must verify your account by loggin in and clicking the Get Verified tab found in your account or profile overview. How to open Paypal account

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